Yahoo! Magic Avatar

The original source of the wide-spread disease!

new! Download version 0.618 - freeware, 55 kB

March 28 2007 - 38002 downloads

Download version 0.33 - freeware, 54 kB
September 9 2006 - 20616 downloads

They say an image counts for a thousand words. Now you can make an image count for two images!

Yahoo! Magic Avatar allows you to create special bitmap images which can hiddenly contain another smaller image completely different than the bigger one. If you will use this new generated bitmaps as display pictures inside Yahoo! Messenger, then ONLY the small image will show up in the friends list, and the bigger one will show up as your larger avatar!


Appear offline with a realistic 2 in 1 avatar!
Is it busy? Or is it a colourful marmot?