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My Android apps


Live stream from your device to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, a custom RTMP server, Chromecast, your local network, or record videos using powerful custom encoding options. Written using Android's MediaCodec hardware encoder and written-from-scratch RTMP client protocol implementation, FLV and fragmented MP4 media containers, and even a very tiny HTTP server for LAN streaming.

Legislativ (100.000+ installs)

The only Android app to browse and search Romania's legislation. Uses SQLite as a local database, synced using a custom protocol that uses differences in data for minimal download overhead.

Beacon Toy

Transform your device into Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, instead of buying dummy dedicated gadgets. Useful for advertising Physical Web URLs around you, or running beacons as Eddystone EID, UID formats, or even in Apple's iBeacon specification.

Older Windows-only apps

C/C++ projects

Yahoo! Messenger Now Playing v5.1 - March 23, 2011
A very small native Winamp plugin (NOT a separate application) that allows you to show in Yahoo! Messenger 11, 10, 9 or older what you are playing in Winamp. Click the link to find out why it is much, much better than any other plugin with the same purpose.

HyperIM 2.14 (2004 - November 25, 2007)
Popular program used by hundreds of thousands of users.
What you got in less than 1 MB: a complex status manager for Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, with support for media info from 19 media players (Winamp, WMP, iTunes, foobar2000, Musicmatch Jukebox, and a whole lot others), details from uTorrent, Yahoo! auto-replies, Yahoo! Magic Avatars, Yahoo! Emoticons chooser, and many many other plugins...

Yahoo! Messenger Magic Avatar v0.618 - March 28th 2007
This is a stand-alone version of the similar plugin from HyperIM. It allows you to create a 16x16 bitmap unseemingly hidden in a 96x96 bitmap.

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